Monday, 14 April 2014

Aerojournal 40

This is always worth getting hold of if you're on holiday in France. This issue has a really thorough article on the Iraq Insurrection in 1941, including colour profiles for the RIAF, RAF and Luftwaffe Fliegerfuhrer Irak. On paper, it doesn't look like there's much potential for a Bag the Hun game but there were at least three decent air engagements, with RAF Gladiators facing off against BF110' s and CR42' s.

It would make a really interesting 'what if' mini-campaign as well, allowing the air force's of Iraq, Vichy France, Britain, Italy and Germany to take on each other for control of the skies over Iraq. The obvious scale for this is 1/600, as most if not all of the aircraft involved can be found in the Tumbling Dice range. There's a good basis for a campaign system in the TFL East Africa supplement for IABSM as well. Worth a thought?

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