Friday, 11 April 2014

Victory at Sea Soviet Black Sea Fleet?

It's great being on holiday but it's also frustrating, as I really want to be starting on my French fleet for the Victory at Sea Campaign which, I expect, is now sitting in a parcel on my doormat at home. In the meantime, I'm keeping busy reading the rules and devising additional forces that I can use as opposition for my principal 1/3000 scale French fleet.

One of these is the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, which is quite powerful and has some really interesting elements. There's only one battleship but three heavy and two light cruisers to make up for it, with numerous modern and not so up to date destroyers, some of which are quite effective especially the larger destroyer leaders. There are plenty of subs and lots of fast torpedo boats as well.

With one or two minor gaps, everything is available in the Navwar range and you can also get a pack of Soviet aircraft in 1/2400 scale from GHQ, which would provide some much needed land based air cover. I'm not sure what the Soviets would be doing fighting the French Mediterranean fleet but it would be an interesting 'what if', with the Russians sending a task force through into the Eastern Med for some reason or other.

I'll probably just stick with the French but it's interesting to work out some alternatives, even if they're all a bit theoretical!

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