Thursday, 3 April 2014

Victory at Sea Spanish Fleet?

The club is busy assembling fleets for a Victory at Sea campaign and I've been looking at potential options for the Mediterranean theatre. The obvious first choice would be the French but I've also been thinking about a Nationalist Spanish fleet, based on the naval line up prior to the end of the Spanish Civil War:

This would be an amalgam of the Republican and Nationalist ships that fought each other during the Spanish Civil War, with some juggling to fudge war time losses, together with a few additional German or Italian vessels where gaps appear in capability. All a bit 'what if?' but not beyond the bounds of plausibility.

A less realistic option would be to imagine that the Civil War never actually happened, leaving the Republican government in power and allied with the British and French. This would allow me to deploy the two dreadnoughts and some of the other ships lost in action during the war.

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  1. I visited a costal defence gun site outside Cartagena in Spain the other year, and on the wall of one of the observation/range finding bunkers were the silhouettes of French, British and American Battleships. Very interesting idea.