Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Victory at Sea French Fleet [7]

The Shapeways aircraft arrived today and they are very, very, very small as you'd expect for 1/3000 scale. They are, however, surprisingly detailed and distinctly different so that it is possible to identify individual types of aircraft to a lesser or greater degree.
I need to get a magnifying glass to clearly distinguish the difference between some of the fighters and biplanes but the wing profile and relative size are a bit of a give away. I'm also not sure how to paint let alone base them but I'm sure I'll think of something.
They are perfect as decoration for my aircraft carriers, so I'll start by painting up a few individual planes to stick onto the flight decks. In other news, my order of 30x70mm mdf bases is on it's way from the ever reliable ERM, so I should be able to start basing up my light cruisers at the weekend.


  1. I based some space fighters on clear acrylic plastic discs. The I stuck a magnet on the bottom of the disc so they could be placed securely on a flight stand.

  2. I'm doing late 20s early 30s rubber war in and around Sumatra/Java. I have based 3 planes in a vic on a 20mm mdf square using 1.5cm pieces of small brass paperclips after very very gently drilling a small indentation in the bottom of each plane...V fiddly but looks good and have held together so far

  3. That sounds like a really interesting project. Good idea for the basing too. Thanks.