Friday, 30 May 2014

Back from Up North


We got back from our holiday near Berwick upon Tweed late this afternoon.
On the whole, this was a really good trip, with some great weather and lots of historical things to see, so I'm more than happy. The highlight for me  was a trip to the very atmospheric battlefield of Flodden and the associated border castles at Norham and Etal.
We also visited the castles at Bamburgh and Alnwick, which have been modernised in the best Victorian tradition, so less than impressive compared to Dunstanburgh, which was a trip on the only wet and windy day, so very dramatic given the crashing waves and drizzle.
To finish off in an early medieval theme, we went to both Holy Island and to the site at Yeavering, which I remembered from my undergraduate studies as a royal centre of the 7th century kingdom of Deira. A field full of sheep but a very significant one nonetheless.
I can definitely recommend a trip to the top of the world...great countryside, friendly people and lots of interesting things to see. We did go to Edinburgh as well but I reckon Northumberland has the scenic edge and far fewer backpacking tourists, so much more my sort of place to be.

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