Monday, 12 May 2014

Free French Fleet Campaign List

Now that the Free French are virtually finished, except for the aircraft bases which I'm hoping to tackle tonight, I've turned my attention to drawing up the list for my 10 point campaign fleet. This is set at Battle priority level using the Order of Battle expanded fleet list as a basis for the composition:
Priority Level: War
2 x Richelieu Class battleships = 4 points
Priority Level: Battle
1 x Dunkerque Class battleship = 1 point
Priority Level: Raid
1 x Bearn Class aircraft carrier = 1/2 point
Priority Level: Skirmish
6 x Heavy Cruisers (TBC) = 2 points
3 x Light Cruisers (TBC) = 1 point
Priority Level: Patrol
2 x Mogador Class destroyers = 1/2 points

4 x Le Fantasque Class destroyers = 1 point

A bit light at the top end but I have limited options when it comes to battleships and carriers. I'm hoping the heavy cruisers will make up for this shortfall, so may scrub some destroyers to boost the cruiser element of the force?


  1. Heavy Cruisers at skirmish...? Just how 'heavy' are they?