Thursday, 22 May 2014

Back of Beyond Turkish Expeditionary Army

I've been snowed under with work this week, so have had little opportunity to do any workbench things, although there is light at the end of the tunnel. I've just been allowed to downsize my job after several years of pestering, so should have far less work to do next year and more time for my own things, although the pocket money will be reduced significantly too. Still, it's not as if I don't have a lifetime of lead to work my way through...
One thing I have had time to organise is the other potential option for the Back of Beyond summer holiday project. This is a Turkish expeditionary army which I originally assembled the bits for way back in 2011. It consists of a CO, two staff officers, three sections of ten infantry with bombs, two machine gun teams, a field gun and a rather splendid Erhardt armoured car. I also have a third machine gun set which may well get converted into a AA gun.
When I originally planned this force the Erhardt wasn't available and I decided to try to scratch build one based on some card model plans. However, the nice people at 1st Corp now produce an excellent 28mm resin and metal kit, which at £18 is a real bargain. Last but not least, there's an old Aurora 1/48th scale Abaltros CIII plastic kit, which is perfect for the Turkish air force being slightly less than cutting edge. 
In total this weighs in at a fairly useful 766 points or 830 if defending, so quite a decent force!

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  1. A nice force. I've always liked the Albatross fighter, just love that teardrop shape.