Friday, 16 May 2014

Beyond the Back of Beyond

I really enjoyed the Back of Beyond game the other day and, yet again, have been re-thinking my long term plans for yet another army. I have a fairly hefty selection of Copplestone figures stashed away including Reds,Whites, Chinese, British and Turks, so have plenty to choose from, in fact more than I could possibly need.
I've already worked out that I have enough figures for a Turkish force and a British Indian flying column, so all I need to to is decide which one to paint up. The Turkish force needs a bit of support, so I've been thinking of converting some Cossacks, Chahar Mongols or Siberian infantry into Basmachi allies, which would be an interesting addition to the line up:
On the other hand, the British-Indian option allows me to field armoured cars, a tank and two aircraft, which is great as I really enjoy detailing and painting planes and vehicles, much more so than painting figures to be honest. I also have some really cool diecast Rolls Royce armoured cars and tenders, a couple of Copplestone resin tanks and some very old Aurora aircraft kits including a DH4, a Brisfit and even an enormous DH10 bomber:
Lots to think about but not until the Summer holidays, by which time I should have finished my Japanese army for Chain of Command, which is the next thing to hit the workbench once I've wrapped up the last bits and bobs for the Victory at Sea project. I'm looking forward to getting on with this, especially as my opponent has already finished his Chindit platoon!

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  1. Copplestone's back of beyond stuff is seriously addictive.