Thursday, 8 May 2014

Back to the Back of Beyond

After the Battle of Five Armies game the other day we were having a chat about what to do next week and one of the chaps suggested a game in the Back of Beyond using the Contemptible Little Armies rules. We haven't played this for ages, so there are some new players at the club who haven't had a go with the rules.
You wait all day for some Bolsheviks..and then three turn up at one go!

I'll be bringing along both my Bolshevik Third Workers and Peasants Shock Brigade and my Trans Asia Texan oil prospectors expedition team, so that there is a choice of forces to use. I suspect that we'll end up with a couple of parallel games but, if not, we'll run a multiplayer encounter battle with muggins as umpire.

It should be good fun either way and may well lead on to a bit of a revival of Back of Beyond at the club. I've always wanted to do at least one more army and have a half completed Japanese army that I'm thinking of selling on, so that I can concentrate on a British or Turkish force instead , so it would be good to encourage some of the new chaps to have a go!

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