Thursday, 8 May 2014

Back of Beyond Japanese For Sale


I've decided to shift my old, half finished Japanese army for the Back of Beyond, offering it to the club first then, if there are no takers, putting it up for sale on Ebay. They've been gathering dust in a box for years and I don't have the willpower to finish them off!
As you can see, it consists of one unit of twelve regular cavalry, one unit of twelve irregular cavalry, two units of twelve regular infantry complete with converted officer figures, an HMG and crew and field gun and crew, a staff officer and a mounted general.
I'll throw in two diecast painted trucks, a diecast 1/45th scale armoured car, which looks fine next to the figures despite the scale, and a pre-assembled but unpainted 1/48 scale SVA5 fighter plane kit, complete with pilot figure.
The whole lot could also be used as a Chinese Warlord army with a few extra 'special' units attached. The paint job is basic but fine for wargaming, although the figures will need finishing off. I reckon a minimal amount of detailing and a dip in Army Painter Quickshade would do the trick!
I'm hoping someone at the club will be interested, as I'd rather they went to a good home and got used for club games. I'm asking for £50, which isn't bad for the amount of lead you'll get and well below the price of all this stuff new, but only for club members.

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