Saturday, 26 July 2014

Billy Bones ACW Regiment


The Longstreet paper army project is moving along and we're working out the options, either 2D or 3D card units. I like the Billy Bones 3D range, so have assembled a trial five stand infantry regiment using the march attack set based on 40mm mdf rectangles.

These are left over from an old project and are band saw rather than laser cut, so have been relegated to the spares box as obsolete. It's great to find a use for them, even though the card stands have a slightly smaller frontage than 40mm.

I think the end result is pretty good, especially as it only took ten minutes to assemble. I really like the sepia effect and the style of the images, which remind me of contemporary photographs. I could shade the edges in brown felt pen and add a regiment label but, otherwise, job's a goodun'.


  1. Looks a damn sight better than the card counters I've been working on...!!!

  2. I like the fact that the bend at the top, thus allowing a proper base.

    And they look fantastic.

  3. Looks really good. I like the fact the command card is taller and easy to identify.

  4. That's ingenius and actually has quite an emotive quality to it.