Monday, 7 July 2014

Chain of Command Far East British Army List 1941

I've been looking through the army lists posted on the Toofatlardies forum, with a view to putting together an opposing force for my Japanese. Although the Japanese are intended to go up against Andy's Chindits, I've always planned to use them for Malaya and Singapore as well. Now that the army and support lists are available, this is a feasible addition to the project.

 As part of this plan, I have already got a box set of Perry plastic Desert Rats and a very nice Copplestone Lanchester armoured car. If I can finish basing and undercoating the Japanese in the next couple of weeks, I'll take the British on holiday and get them sorted as well. In the long run, this means I'll be able to set up my own games at home and also offer other players a game at the club.

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