Friday, 4 July 2014

Off Topic

That was a bit of a weird day.
I spent the morning at one of those 'professional' courses that you try to avoid, having been ordered to attend after ten years of blatant avoidance. The first 'workshop' involved a very nice but very young chap, guiding me through a 'how to' on Waterloo. He is, I am reliably informed, a bit of a teaching whizz.
This was fine up to a point but I was intrigued to discover that Proozia played a major role in the outcome and that Growchy ate a lot of strawberries, so it was all his fault (whatever it was that went wrong, that is?). Anyway, Victor Hugo knew all about it, so it was cool. I'm not sure what was going on  but the bit where I made a 'living timeline' wasn't too painful.
The rest of the day wasn't too bad and the lunch was very tasty. I caught up with an old colleague of mine, which was a very pleasant surprise, and also had a bit of a wargaming related chat with another local History teacher and all round nice chap, who was there for the festivities.

I do wonder why so much money is spent on these things, when you can pretty much work it out for yourself?
Anyway, the Ministry of the Interior is disconsolate after La Patrie went down to Germany...



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  1. I have also been obliged to attend such courses in order to be 'inspired' on a regular basis. I must have long since reached my 'inspirational' saturation point...