Friday, 18 July 2014


Northstar had a special offer on the Longstreet rulebook and card deck the other day, so I thought I'd take a punt and order them. I really enjoyed a game of Maurice that I played ages ago at the club so, as this is from the same author and uses a very similar system, it looked like a good buy. I've been flicking through the compact little rulebook today and it's very well laid out, with a straightforward text and lots of diagrams to make things clear.
The basic force level is the brigade, which consists of three infantry regiments of ten bases each, a cavalry regiment of eight bases and three artillery bases, so not unmanageable as a 15mm project, especially as there are plenty of potential opponents at the club. I have a big box of Peter Pig Union figures that I originally planned to use with Fire and Fury but, as I'm not keen on the rules, I think Longstreet would make a very good alternative.
All theoretical but a potential project for next year perhaps?


  1. Nice...I've been looking at this too as a potential project. Would be good to know how they work out their basing, scales and army lists when you get a chance...?
    If it's anything like Maurice, it should be good fun :)

  2. Hi Mike,

    Basing seems to be a free for all and 'roughly squarish', so I guess standard F+F basing would be fine or, in 28mm, Black Powder sizes.

    There are no army lists as such but the campaign system sets out a brigade orbat.


  3. Thanks Jim - I'll watch out for progress and get my uniform grey spray ready... :)