Sunday, 20 July 2014

SAGA Summer [1]

After some deep and some not so deep thought, I've decided to scale back the scope of my painting for the holidays to concentrate on only one of my backlog of half completed projects, which has been narrowed down to SAGA. I have a Viking warband to complete but thought I'd also paint up the Norman warband that I had worked out using my leadpile as a source of figures. These Crusader Miniatures figures were bought for WAB way back but have languished in a box ever since.
The Vikings are already based and undercoated, with a little armour dry brushing and washing also under way, but the Crusader Miniatures Normans will need to be cleaned up, based and undercoated by this time next week. I have already completed the basing up of two mounted units of hearthguard along with a couple of warband leaders, one of which could be used as a Sword for Hire, so I'm well on my way.

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