Thursday, 26 February 2015

Air War C21 Flashpoint Baltic [1]

This has been spooling up over the last week or so, with the media reporting on the Norwegians restructuring their air defence deployments and the Baltic Air Policing mission being on high alert for yet more Russian overflights. 

There are some absolutely outstanding photos of recent NATO Italian and Polish joint operations in the Baltic States over at superb The Aviationist weblog, which are well worth a closer look.I don't know how this chap gets hold of such stunning material but I am a very impressed:

In the meantime, I have some 1/600th scale Oddzial Ozmy aircraft in the post from the ever reliable Fighting 15's, which will be more than sufficient to equip the Russians, half a dozen NATO policing flights and the various Scandinavian air force contingents. this air space.

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