Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Cold War RM Commando

I've been off work the last couple of days with a nasty bug, so have been a bit down in the dumps, although I'm feeling much better now. To cheer myself up I decided to follow up on an idea that I had many years ago for a skirmish game set in Norway at some point in the 1980's, deep in the deep end of the latter part of the Cold War.

This was originally a 20mm squad level project way back when, using Platoon 20 figures for the Soviets and the Royal Marines. I even painted up a handful of figures but then left home to go to university, so the project never really got off the ground. I still have some badly painted dodgy Spetsnatz knocking around somewhere but have no idea what happened to the rest.

At Warfare last year I spotted the very nice 10mm Falklands British range by Pendraken and thought 'why not?', then promptly forgot to pick up an army pack before I left for home. It's been nagging me since then so I decided today to put things right, ordering a selection of the beret clad figures for a Royal Marine platoon, together with a couple of BV206 Snowcats.

I'm not sure what I'll do for the Soviets but was thinking of using the Argentinian figures as Norwegian local defence forces. The figures will all be individually based for skirmish style games, using No End in Sight or Some Corner of a Foreign Field, both of which would be ideal for this sort of thing. It'll probably never happen but I can always turn it into a Cold War Gone Hot project. It's also cheered me up no end!


  1. Pendraken have just announced the expansion of the Falklands range over on their forum.


    I might give it a go with SCoaFF

  2. Thanks for the info..

    ..looks very promising :O)

  3. I've just found your blog whilst searching the internet for Bag the Hun batreps (I'm considering starting a Battle of Britain project in 1/300). I'm currently putting the finishing touches to some Falklands Conflict forces, using the depicted Pendraken models. If you're interested some painted examples may be found on my blog: http://doandrollthedie.blogspot.co.uk/