Wednesday, 11 February 2015

CY6 Jet Age

A chap at the club mentioned these rules the other day and I thought I'd take a second look. I've played the WW2 version of CY6 a few times and, although it was impressive in terms of depth and detail, I always thought it lacked the tactical aspect and randomness that you get with BTH2. I also can't stand charts and tables, let alone loads of ratio calculations! It's buckets of dice and card based turn mechanisms for me..mumble, mumble, bah humbug.

Anyway, I've sent off for a copy of the Jet Age rules to see what they're like and to give them a try out once I've got the Korean War planes sorted. I think they'd be good for a couple of planes a side rather than massed dogfights over the Yalu, so will be focussing on just that. I've always fancied doing a Cold War Goes Hot style game or the Falklands War (which is featured as a mini-campaign in the rulebook), so these might just be the rules to go for..

...and if not, I can always fall back on AirWar:C21!

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  1. I have CY6 Jet Age and have read them over several times, but have not gamed with them. The pre-plotting is what what I am not crazy about. Most folks I play with either don't game much at all, or are more into 40K. Anything that slows down the game is another death blow to getting them to play again. It would be great if someone could come up with a jet age version of X-Wing Commander. There is pre-plotting but its a lot simpler. So, far the game of choice for modern air combat is AirWar:C21.