Sunday, 1 February 2015

Bag The MiG [2]

I undercoated the USAF fighters and fighter bombers today with an overall spray of Humbrol Aluminium, having forgotten that I'd run out of Humbrol Silver. This isn't a major problem, as the end result is perfect as a base for drybrushing in Foundry Spearpoint, followed by an ink wash in something yet to be decided.

I did spot a slight problem with the Tumbling Dice F86 Sabre models, however, which have two different fuselage bands scribed into the surface. They should all be diagonal but four of the twelve models have vertical bands. I have some spares in the box, so will replace the vertical band models with diagonal ones as soon as I can find my stockpile of tiddly magnets.

The four spares won't go to waste as I'll paint them up as black and white striped early war F86A's of the 334th FIS/4th FIW, rather than the later war F86E/F's of the 336th FIS/4th FIW, which will form the bulk of the models in the USAF arsenal, complete with the characteristic yellow-orange identification stripes.

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  1. Interesting. I don't have any of the diagonally striped Sabres. I have never liked my completed Sabres as opposed to the MiGs because the markings are so difficult to reproduce, especially on the vertically scribed models i had. These diagonally scribed ones must be new....