Saturday, 7 February 2015

Bag The MiG [5]

Bag The MiG hex and MiG Alley square problem
It's still far too cold to stay for long in the garage, so progress on the USAF fighters and fighter bombers has been held up. However, I have been fiddling about with the basing and have decided to adapt the method that I devised for MiG Alley, using mdf bases and panel pins for stands. I haven't yet perfected the system for MiG Alley but I think it will be ideal for Bag The MiG.

It has the big advantage that it doesn't require any mini-magnets, so keeps the cost down to a minimum and avoids all the hassle of gluing tiny magnets to the truncated tops of lightweight plastic hex stands. It also means that I can make a variety of stands for different scenarios, some overall blue ones with 40mm pins for high altitude games and some shorter ones with textured and painted bases for ground pounding missions.

And, on the plus side...we now have a brand new tumble dryer in the garage, so I can avoid freezing to death in the warm radiant waft of rotating underpants...mmmmm.


  1. Have you considered lego basing?

    I saw a couple of pics of these with clear & blue tinted altitude sections that allow you to show different heights, and they plug into a square or round base

  2. I have used lego basing extensively, but although it is a great idea, I am coming back around to using ordinary clear flight stands as in practice it is quite fiddly.

    How good is the B29 model? I like TD miniatures very much, but some are better than others. I have a Tu16 which is a little disappointing. I wouldn't mind getting some b29's if they look good. Can't see the cockpit detail,in the pic.