Sunday, 31 May 2015

Danish Baltic Flotilla 1864

Tordenskjold, Sjaelland and Skjold

Thor, Heimdal, Freya and Rolf Krake

The long drawn out 1864 Second Schleswig War naval project is still making headway, although it's about all I have managed to get done this holiday thanks to all the DIY. I've now completed the assembly and basing for most of the Danish Baltic flotilla, with only the ironclad Dannebrog to finish off. The three large warships are the screw ship of the line Skjold, the screw frigate Sjaelland and the screw frigate Tordenskjold, all re-purposed from the Tumbling Dice French and British range. 

Merchants and Coastal Craft

The four smaller ships are the screw corvettes Heimdal and Thor, together with the armed merchant paddle steamer Freya and the turret coast defence ship Rolf Krake, which looks very small by comparison. It's a Hallmark model and supposedly to 1/2400 scale but it doesn't seem to fit well with the Tumbling Dice ships, so I may have  ago at a scratchbuilt coversion instead. I've also based up some generic merchant ships and coastal sailing craft for blockade running scenarios or just as things to blow up!

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  1. Jim, they're looking very fine. Sounds like a very interesting period!