Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Fistful of Lead [10]

I got in really late this evening so didn't have much time to spend on the western town buildings, although I have painted, weathered and assembled the component parts for the Union Pacific Hotel. This will be glued together tomorrow, once I've added an internal floor so that figures can be placed inside on both the ground and first floor levels. I also need to work out how the roof is assembled but that shouldn't be too complicated.
To add some clutter to the town, I've also ordered a couple of privies from Warbases, which I didn't see on the stand at Colours, together with some extra detailing bits for my livery stable model including ladders for the hay loft and an outhouse extension. To add some other structures I've also ordered a wind post mill and some more fencing from Sarissa Precision, as neither of these were available at Colours despite some extensive searching around the traders.

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