Monday, 28 September 2015

A Fistful of Lead [17]


I finally finished the Warbases barn / livery stables this evening, although my first attempt at painting the roof ended up a bit rubbish. I had planked the roof using brown paper strips from the craft section of my local Poundland, stuck down with liberal coats of PVA glue. As I was short of time and trying to mark a set of books and cook the tea simultaneously, I grabbed the first can of paint to hand and sprayed it light grey.
This looked terrible, even after a judicious dry brush with various washed out shades, so I re-sprayed the whole thing in the last of my Halfords ultra matt camouflage brown. This was then wet and dry brushed to provide a bit of definition and weathering. The end result is fine although it needs some signage and some more internal clutter to really look the part. It is a really simple kit but well worth a tenner plus a couple of quid for the lean to and the ladder.

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