Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fortune and Glory

I found a complete box of a game called Fortune and Glory in the local charity shop yesterday for a fiver. It's an Indiana Jones style adventure role play style board game set in the 1930's and it has some very positive ratings on Board Game Geek, so I'm really looking forward to a rainy weekend to try it out with the kids. The components are superb and include a range of tokens, some hard plastic figures and lots of colourful cards, along with a very impressive map style game board. Brilliant!


  1. A fiver! Bargain! I'd have snapped that up!

  2. I have this game. Love it although I paid a lot more than that....Happy to play it at club sometime.
    Photos on cards and rules are of the staff of game company., and they look great.
    Adventurers, Germans, zeppelins and Zombies what more could you want...

  3. Cool...sounds like a club game might be a lot of fun!