Friday, 18 September 2015

Black Ops Tactical Espionage Wargaming

These modern / near future stealthy skirmish rules are out next month and I've been planning ahead for a small mini-project to cover the figures needed for a game. At Colours last weekend I tracked down two packs from the Copplestone Future Wars range that I had on my shopping list, one of gun toting corporate bodyguards in suits and the other of a hostage rescue SWAT team.

I also thought about getting a pack of the Foundry SWAT figures but decided not to as there was only one sniper figure that I really wanted. I will, however, add some more men in suits from the EM4 / Moonraker Miniatures range that was also sculpted by Mr Copplestone. It's only a small project but it should be fun, if the rules turn out to be any good that is!?

The plan is to use some modular bunker terrain boards that I built for a club participation game at Warfare back in 2008. They are stashed in the club storage cupboard gathering dust at the moment but would be ideal as a secret base or high security corporate installation of some sort, once I detail them up with some resin furniture and accessories from the Copplestone Kiss Kiss Bang Bang range.


  1. Does anyone know where these will fall in the "realism" scale? I'd be in the market for some Metal Gear style stuff but I have a feeling i want it to be a bit sillier than this is shaping up to be.

  2. Looking forward to what you do with the rules. I'm eagerly awaiting these for my own 20mm games.