Saturday, 12 September 2015

Colours 2015 Photos



The boy in the middle and I went up the A34 to Newbury this afternoon and had a really good couple of hours pootling around Colours. It was far less hot and sweaty than in previous years, which was a pleasant change, although there seemed to be fewer traders and not as many games on display. I may be wrong about this but it definitely seemed to be less packed than before, which is a good thing as the venue can be quite restrictive and I could get around the stands and games with greater ease. It also meant that I could take some half decent photos.
I was impressed by many of the games and particularly liked the 40mm AWI game, the 54mm ECW set up by the Skirmish Wargamers, the 28mm WW1 Stretcher Bearer game and the stunning 6mm FPW game with architect standard winter terrain, which was very impressive and just like something from a museum. I also bought a shedload of mdf laser cut stuff and a small selection of lead, actually finding almost everything that I had on the shopping list, with nothing unexpected being bought on impulse. Blimey!


  1. Great stuff Jim and thanks for posting.

    The North African Desert War game looks to be about the best, not that one can really tell without being there to see the games in the flesh.


  2. The FPW game was by Bruce Weigel and in 1/300th scale using Heroics and Ros.

  3. Thanks for the correction...just goes to show how terrible my eyesight is these days!