Sunday, 13 March 2016

15mm Sci Fi Mechanised Platoon [4]

A complete change of plan today after I failed miserably in an attempt to make Humbrol Grass Green work as a base for arctic camouflage. I tried various things but it ended up looking a mess, so it was time for a switch to a desert theme, with a re-spray in Halfords Ultra Matt Khaki, which I have used before to a much better effect. This was an overcoat too many for one of the APC's, which will get stripped down at some point and repainted but the rest came out fine.

The next step will be a wash in Army Painter Strong Tone, diluted down a bit so it's not too heavy, then a light drybrush with two stages of Foundry Rawhide. I may even add some camouflage patterns after that if I can work out an effective range of shades but this is very much a get them done fast project, so no mucking about. When this is done I'll be able to start blocking in the hover skirts and detailing the various bits like the gun mounting and hull panels.

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