Monday, 28 March 2016

Patrols in the Radfan

I've been doing some background reading on the Aden insurgency and operations in Radfan recently, with a view to do something post-colonial in 15mm. It's a complex but very interesting period with lots of potential for skirmish level platoon or company sized games. I haven't decided if this would be a historical or 'imaginations' exercise but with factions like FLOSY and PORF involved, it's already lodged firmly in AK 47 Republic territory.

A further incentive is the proliferation of classic 1960's military kit including Ferrets, Saladins, Saracens and the Stalwart, although what an amphibious 6x6 truck was doing in the middle of a desert is an interesting point. I have already prepared and based a good selection of these for my AK47 colonial army. There's also a good range of helicopters and air support to play around with, assuming I can find them in 15mm.

The terrain is relatively simple and so little effort will be needed to produce a good looking table, especially if I avoid the urban areas and go up country in the Radfan. I've been thinking about using No End in Sight for this with individually based figures, which I have already selected from the Peter Pig professionals range, although I'm still looking for some figures for the rebels. A definite project for the Summer.

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  1. Ihave some of the Commando Miniatures 28mm figures for this period and have been looking for rules - I will have a look at this book and No end in sight