Monday, 21 March 2016

Operation Carthage

This famous low level RAF mosquito raid on the Gestapo HQ in Copenhagen happened on this day in March 1945. There's lots of potential for a Bag the Hun 2 scenario here along with the many other low level precision attacks carried out by RAF Mosquito squadrons in the latter part of the war. The documentary itself has some excellent reviews but might be difficult to track down. I remember watching a similar documentary a few years ago on TV, also narrated by Martin Shaw, about Operation Jericho which was very good. If only there was an affordable, good quality 1/300th or 1/285th scale Mossie available!


  1. This raid actually gets quite a bit of coverage in Danish history books. I remember reading a few books about it as a kid.

  2. Yes, I'm not surprised as a lot of civilians were killed in the raid.