Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Back of Beyond Turkish Army [1]

It looks like the Back of Beyond is having a bit of a revival at the club, which is excellent news as it is one of my all time favourites. I started the whole Back of Beyond thing at the club about ten years ago and have run three campaigns over the last few years, so I'm really pleased that some of the newer members of the club are keen to pick it up. I'm also now feeling in the mood to get my third army up and running, after selling off my half completed Japanese last year (which has now been finished by Gary and very nicely done too!)

Anyway, the Turks have been waiting far too long to get the attention they deserve (since 2011 no less), so I've brought them on holiday to get assembled and based up. I'm using the Copplestone Turkish range, so I will have to adapt some spare machine gunner figures to make a crew for my field gun, although this shouldn't be too difficult. I've also made the most of the recent Copplestone discount offer to order a pack of ten Siberian Rifles, which I'm going to use as a 60 point allied Basmachi unit of Khan's Guard, alongside my existing White Russian mercenaries re-deployed as Semembek militia.

The core of the army is three units of ten infantry, backed up by two machine guns, a 7.7cm field gun, an Ehrhardt armoured car and a two seater Albatros aircraft, with a couple of staff officers and the commander to round things off. I've left the plane kit and the armoured car at home but the rest is here, ready to be prepared over the next few days. When I get home, I'll sort out the Basmachis and get started on the painting, with the aim of completing the army by the half term holidays. I'm also going to see if I can find some diecast trucks and cars to use as baggage elements, which are always fun to do.

Off to the Back of Beyond!


  1. A nice collection, I look forward to seeing it painted.

  2. Me too Jim.


  3. Really looking forward to seeing these come together!