Thursday, 31 March 2016

Back of Beyond Turkish Army [2]

I was searching for some suitable cavalry figures to use with the Turkish army but with no success, when I came across the new Osprey book on the Greek-Turkish War 1919-22, so thought I'd download a copy for some ideas. Although this isn't directly related to anything in the Back of Beyond, it was a conflict fought at or around the timeframe of the campaign supplement, so the uniforms and weaponry of the Turkish nationalist side would be the same as those of any fictional expedition.

The book was actually really useful, containing some very good illustrations and relevant information, including details of the nationalist cavalry forces during the war. A picture of a Circassian cavalryman caught my eye, as it looked remarkably similar to the figures in the Copplestone Caucasian Cossack cavalry pack. A bit more googling and I found this blog entry from 2009, which confirmed my initial impressions:

Even better than that, I actually have a couple of packs of the Copplestone Caucasian Cossacks in my lead pile, where they had been stashed as part of a long forgotten White Russian army for the Russian Civil War. I can now use them as a unit of Turkish regular cavalry in my new army, replacing the Basmachi guard unit which I originally planned to fudge with some Siberian Riflemen, which was a dodgy idea to start with.

A bit of a result all round, assuming I can find where I put them?


  1. Good luck with the search Jim! I took advantage of the Copplestone sale and am now waiting for a White Russian Back of Beyond force to arrive - but the sale was so popular, it's going to be a while :(

  2. Good choice Colin...the Whites have some really good units and some interesting options.