Sunday, 18 April 2010

Back Home

Finally got back home today after a couple of long journeys and a short stop at my Dad's in Cornwall. His broadband was playing up hence no updates over the last couple of days. I did manage to clean up and magnet base six Sea Furys and four Fireflys in the intervening news black out, however, so at least achieved something over the weekend.

I also had some nice parcels from Tumbling Dice and Fighting 15's waiting for me when I got home this afternoon. The Japanese and Soviets for Nomomhan made up the bulk of the stuff plus extras for Korea including some more Thunderjets, Corsairs, L5 Stinson Sentinels for FAC's, some S55 Helicopters for SAR and some TU2's for the North Koreans.

After checking Dom's site to see if he was up and running, I've also ordered a few final bits and bobs for Nomonhan plus a whole load of 1/600th decals for both the Japanese and the Soviets, just in case he drops off the radar again and even packs the whole thing in (which he seems to hint at every so often).

I haven't forgotten the BUF for VBCW either (honest!) but they'll be sorted out once I've finished the last of the USAF and USN / USMC for MiG Alley, including the B29's and some Panthers and Banshees at the very least. The naval aviation element will have to be scaled down considerably, given the diminishing stockpile of magnets, but I'm hoping to do at least a core of the original US force that I planned out a week or so past.

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