Friday, 2 April 2010

Wings At War Flight Stands

Out of interest I thought I'd check out the Litko Aerosystems site to see how much it would cost to have some custom made acrylic flight stands made for Wings At War. There's a neat gizmo on the site which calculates a quote for your particular specification of acrylic stand so I entered the relevant details. I specified 30mm x 30mm bases in 3mm acrylic with a flight stand hole pre-drilled in the centre.

A pack of 50 costed out at $20.99, with 100 costing out at £35.99. I'd need to add packs of stands for the four flight levels as well. These vary from $0.99 to $3.99. I added what i need to the order and it totalled out at $35.93. Not too bad. I don't want to get stung by customs so if I can keep it below $40.00 that would be ideal.

However, postage for this lot would cost $13.76 (ouch).

This makes the Litko option very expensive overall at $46.69 which at the current exchange rate would equate to £30.61, which is a lot for some bits of plastic especially as it doesn't include the cost of the magnets to go on top of the flight pegs.

Worth thinking abiut though if I can't work out another option.

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