Monday, 26 April 2010

BUF Flying Column

I've collected together half a dozen suitable die cast trucks and vans to form the transport element of my BUF flying column.

I reckon that each squad of nine figures could feasibly squeeze into one of these Lledo Ford A stake trucks, allowing for two in the front and seven in the back. The Vickers will have a truck of it's own and the command figures can drive around in a Ford A van, complete with roof mounted lewis gun (probably)

However, if I leave the trucks open at the back it'll look a bit rubbish, so I need to find some way to model a canvas tilt over the back end. I've used tissue paper for this before but only to cover over the plastic cab roof of a Model T Ford for my Back of Beyond Japanese. This time I need to make some hoops out of brass rod then cover them with PVA soaked paper or make a former out of plastic card that I can fit over the stake bed and then cover in the same material.

I think some experimentation will be required to get this right either way!

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