Thursday, 22 April 2010

MiG Alley Odds and Ends

I thought I'd wrap up the various bits and bobs for MiG Alley before tackling the BUF this weekend, so this is the result of an evening's work, together with the planes I cleaned up earlier in the week before the tiddly magnet crisis.

I've cleaned up eight Meteors for 77 Squadron and a single USAF B29, just to see how it goes together. It's a big model and will look pretty impressive in formation with the others that I have to put together. I've also got the two Thunderjets and the L5 Sentinel which I finished up on Monday although the magnets still need to be added to finish them off.

For the North Koreans I've done another two IL10 Sturmoviks, six Yak 9's and six La5's. I've also had a crack at converting a Douglas Devastator into an ersatz Yak 18 although I still need to do something with the cowling, probably with slivers of plastic card or green stuff.

This is it for the moment, althought I'm planning to do the rest of the B29's and some USN/USMC aircraft once the 28mm VBCW figures have been tackled.

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