Saturday, 3 April 2010

MiG Alley

If I'm successful in tracking down some panel pins or nails for the Wings At War flight stands, then I'm going to try to get the long overdue MiG Alley planes done over Easter instead of the 28mm BUF. It was one of the six projects on the list in the New Year so it will be a good thing to get done.

I haven't had time to clean up and base the VBCW figures, despite my best laid plans, so I think I'll leave them until after the holidays so that I can do them properly. They won't take long so I'm going to stick my neck out and say that I'll get them done by the end of April, which gives me a couple of weeks after the holidays.

In the meantime, I'm going to crack on with the MiG Alley planes, providing the flight stand idea works out, so that I can at least try out the game mechanics before tackling the Nonomhan project. I can take them to France for painting as they only require a limited range of paint shades and are quick to do on a production line.

More planes...but a different scale!


  1. Jim,
    I was in Wickes this morning and they have 50mm length Panel pins if it helps. Nothing larger though.

    Cheers Jon

  2. Thanks Jon,

    50mm would be ideal as I've only found 40mm, 30mm, 25mm, 20mm and 13mm so far.

    I could use the 50mm as flight level 4, 40mm as 3, 30mm as 2 and 20mm as 1, rather than using the 13mm as 1 and going up to 40mm as 4.

    I'll have to get to Wickes tomorrow and check it out.