Monday, 19 April 2010

Back of a Postcard from the Lost World

I've neglected my yahoo group Lost World Safari recently due to my various diversions into other gaming projects so thought it was about time I fired it up again.

It picks up new members on a weekly basis and it would be good to get more of a discussion going so that they get the benefit of joining, aside from the back catalogue of rules related stuff and other resources that are already posted there.

So I decided to launch a 'Rules on the Back of a Postcard' type competition. The aim is to write a set of dinosaur hunting rules to fit on one or at most two sides of the aforementioned stationary. They should be for Victorian era very big game hunting but, aside from that, they can be for any scale and have any setting that you like.

There will be extra credit for original ideas and unusual mechanisms and the winner will get a prize of some sort, once I work out what I've got in the spares box! The deadline for entries is the 1st May and they can be posted in a folder on the group.

Anyway, it may result in a deluge of new posts and some neat homegrown rules systems or it may crash and burn, it doesn't really matter either way as long as it gets things moving over on the Lost World Safari group again.

We'll have to wait and see.

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