Thursday, 8 April 2010

USAF MiG Alley

I've had a look at the contents of the boxes of Tumbling Dice planes I have collected for MiG Alley and have decided to start with the USAF, followed closely by the USN and Marines.

I've already decided on 16 Sabres as a starting point but will also be adding the following to round out the Air Force presence in the skies of North Korea:

8 x B29's

6 x B26 Invaders

6 x F84 Thunderjets (although I'll get some more of these later)

8 x F80 Shooting Stars

2 x F94 Starfire

2 x F82 Twin Mustang

2 x T6 Texan FAC

This should give me plenty of scope for different types of mission and form the basis of most of the games I'll start to play.

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