Saturday, 30 October 2010

Bag The Doodlebug!

I've been flicking through the Bag The Hun 2 rules today in preparation for the game against Andy on Tuesday. I'm a bit worried about the firepower of my Me109F's against his Kittyhawks but, other than that, I think we'll be fairly well matched, at least in aircraft performance terms.

We're playing the introductory scenario which is very straightforward so I'm hoping  it won't be too much of a steep learning curve? It can't be that different from the original rules so I'm fairly optimistic that we'll get at least two games in to the evening.

I also re-discovered another scenario in the rules as a 'game within a game' which I'd completely overlooked the first time I read through the rules. It's a Bag The Doodlebug mini-game, pitting RAF fighters against low flying V1's in 1944. The V1's are controlled by the dice whilst the lone fighters are flown by the players.

It looks like great fun and cheap to set up, so I've ordered a couple of Tempests and Spitfire XIVc's together with the eponymous doodlebugs from Raiden. It shouldn't take long to paint them up and so yet another mini-project is on the cards for 2011.

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