Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Warmaster Ancients Ramblings continued...

I posted a query on the WAB Forum and TMP the other day with regard to the viability of 500 point armies as a starting point. The general response was that 1000 points was the usual way to go but that 500-600 was ideal for starters, especially when learning the rules:

''...we began with 1000-1500p army lists but soon found that we needed to understand the core rules better. We then played five or six games where we each had 500p (and a free general) - this guaranteed quick games with plenty of manouvring and few enough untis that you really learnt what each can and more importantly cannot do. I really recommend small games - it teaches you the rules quickly and with a bit of luck you can fit in two games in an evening. And they are really fun as well - we had a great time each evening (which we of course also do with the larger games, but we often talk about doing a small battle again.''

So, it looks like 500 - 600 points would be a good place to start and make a lot of sense in terms of time, effort and outlay. At the very least, it'll get me half way there!

I've also managed to win a brand new copy of the Warmaster Ancient Armies supplement for a fraction of the normal price on ebay. It has a lists for Carolingian Franks and Romano British Arthurian armies as well as some interesting campaign rules and rules additions, which will be interesting reading.

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