Tuesday, 5 October 2010

New Rapid Fire! Project

The Rapid Fire! idea seems to have struck a chord at the club and I've now commited myself to painting up a British Infantry battalion for Normandy using the Valiant figures that I had in the plastic pile. This means that the 10mm Italian stuff is going to have to be postponed until next month.

My plan now is to knock off the fifty or so figures that make up the HQ company, the four rifle companies, the support company and FAO team, by half term. I could add an attached machine gun company from the brigade but I think I'll leave that until later. I'll also need a 6pdr AT gun from somewhere and a couple of carriers.

I'll also be doing a squadron or two of Shermans to add a little armour support, using the Armourfast kits that I have set aside for this, although I'm going to keep the tank support to a minimum to avoid overkill. The Armourfast kits are very simple but should be easy to detail up a bit and paint in my usual drybrush method.

I've been wanting to a Rapid Fire! unit for a long, long time so I'm really pleased that Andy, the chap who came up with the idea, has signed himself up to do some Valiant Late War Germans so that I'll have some opposition. We'll see how we get on but, hopefully, they'll be some fast moving, enjoyable games at the other end of all the effort.

Anyway, I have to finish the pirate ship first and, if I have the time at half term the extra planes for Bag the Hun 2, so there's no time to hang about!

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  1. I am also painting up two rapid Fire armies - for kursk.

    I have not painted 1/72 soldiers in years. I am reliving my childhood.