Monday, 4 October 2010

Rapid Fire!

Over the weekend a bit of a Rapid Fire! craze seems to have swept through my local club, inspired by one of the regulars who fancied doing something 'skirmishy' in 20mm. The idea is that we all have some old Airfix kits lying about that could be used, so why not dust them off and have a bit of low level gaming with Rapid Fire! as a probable ruleset.

This suits me fine as it means I can use my existing boxes of Valiant Tommies and Armourfast Shermans to build the 5th Battalion Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry, as originally planned for 28mm, plus a squadron or two of Shermans from the Sherwood Ranger Yeomanry. I'd need to get a couple of carriers and a 6pdr Anti Tank gun but, apart from those, I have everything that I need.

I may move the 1.285th scale North Africa planes to one side and tackle the 20mm stuff alongside the 10mm Italians this month. It depends what's decided about the direction the Rapid Fire! thing takes when it gets hammered out at the club tomorrow night.

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