Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Return of the Red Workers Militia

I was looking for a game to finsih off the month but instead have set one up for the 9th of November, after the Bag The Hun 2 try out which is pencilled in for the 2nd. It was a choice between another pirate game or a VBCW skirmish so, in an attempt to shift the Red Workers Militia off the painting back log, I've opted for the latter.

This means I have this weekend and a couple of days next week to get them finished, before I go on holiday and before the start of November when I plan to start the 20mm Rapid Fire! project. As the figures are 90% complete, this shouldn't be too much of a tall order, assuming I'm not tempted to add some extras.

I'm looking forward to signing this lot off and using them against Jon's Anglican League, although they're not exactly well equipped for a stand up frontal assault. I'll have to make maximum use of the machine guns to lay down some suppressive fire and hope that my FT17 doesn't bog down, blow up or throw a track.

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