Thursday, 7 October 2010

Pirate Sloop [3]

I scrabbled some time together to do the masts and spars on the pirate sloop this evening, having decided to keep things fairly simple and easy to transport. As you can see the spars are fixed to the main mast with magnets, while the jib thingy is permanently fixed at right angles.

I decided to leave off any sails for the moment as a) they get in the  way, and b) I can't be bothered to fart about with PVA glue, tissue paper. pins and bits of thread. However, I have added a slightly dodgy scratchbuilt hatch cover made from an mdf base and some strips of thin card.

I think it looks OK thus far but the proof of the pudding will be when I get to paint the whole thing it up...

1 comment:

  1. Jim
    well done I'm very impressed thats an outstanding scratchbuild. I suppose I'll have to up the arms race now. where did I put those plans for that 120 gun galleon I had?