Sunday, 6 February 2011

Basing for Iron Cow 2103AD

I had a rummage through the various boxes of basing materials this morning to decide the approach I'm going to take for the ONESS vehicles and infantry. I usually base with either pre-cut mdf or plastic card, but I didn't have anything in the right size for the 6mm Brigade Iron Cow vehicles. These need a 30mm x 20mm base, which is the one size I didn't have.

I could cut existing bases down to fit but, to be honest, I can't be bothered to do this for fifty odd tanks, APC's and SPG's. So, instead of doing a botch job, I turned to the plastic bases that came with my 28mm Pike and Shotte figures. These looked like a great option until I realised that there were no 30mm x 20mm bases on them either. Bugger!

A quick check on the Renedra site and my problems have been solved. They do bags of 30mm x 20mm bases for £2.50 each, together with 15mm x 20mm ones that I can use for the infantry and heavy weapons teams. You can even have them in different colours, so I chose a natty light brown for mine, which will allow me to go desert or temperate for the camo scheme on the vehicles. And there's no wastage in unused bases that you would have if you bought the multi base sprues.


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  1. I've bought quite a few bases of Renedra I really rate them.