Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Rapid Fire 5th Battalion DCLI [20]

I've finished off the flesh tones this evening with a light wash of GW Gryphon Sepia. I've also painted the base shades on the PIAT and 2'' mortar teams, using a three stage Foundry Phlegm Green approach. I really like this shade, even if it's a bit too green and not quite correct.

I still need to add a final highlight to finish off the ammo containers and pick out the detail on the PIAT, so I'll tidy things up before I go onto the next stage of painting.. It's on to the black bits tomorrow, which is the only evening I get home at a reasonable hour, so I'm hoping to get the bulk of the boots, hair and guns done by the close of play.


  1. They're coming along very nicely.

  2. Great stuff, though the piat and mortar round carry tubes are made of thick cardboard and usually a more "cardboard" colour