Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rapid Fire! Tiffy

I've had a busy weekend so no painting today (yet). My workbench has also been hi-jacked by Alex so that he can build his Mantic Undead army, which is coming along very well for an eight year old. He's done all of the cleaning and assembling of the figures himself, with only a little help from me to build the catapult and tidy up the odd bit of excess plastic.

On the plus side, I took the boys to Modelzone in sunny Southampton this afternoon while the other half went to John Lewis to complain about the faulty cupboard that I spent nearly three hours trying to assemble yesterday.  I'll never get that time back but at least she'll get a new cupboard to replace the crappy botched one. I have, however, now aquired some ground attack assets for the Rapid Fire! project in the form of an Airfix Hawker Typhoon.

I had one of these in the loft somewhere but it's buried down the back of the kit pile, so I thought I'd get a new one. It's one of those classic 1960's kits that are built to last and have very definite raised panel lines, which make the rivet counters nervous but look great when painted up for wargaming. It's also a very simple, quick kit to construct so I'm going to tackle it this evening. It definately brings back the memories!

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  1. Bugger time to invest in more AA guns............