Tuesday, 1 February 2011

There was an interesting thread on TMP today, asking for moderators to post their links in order to spread the word and build some sort of catalogue of wargaming yahoo groups. It got me thinking about the future of yahoo groups in general, given the proliferation of wargaming blogs and the anti-yahoo group sentiments that are rife on TMP and other similar sites.   

In the past, I've occasionally linked to 'my' yahoo group when there has been a relevant topic under discussion, only to receive a response along the lines of  'not another yahoo group, I have enough of those already'. It seems a shame that this has become more rather than less common recently. It's also happening with blogs as well, which suggests that some sort of saturation point is being reached.

Anyway, to redress the balance, here's a link to the blog I set up for Saurian Safari way back in 2006:

It's currently running at 325 members, give or take the odd lurker, although I should really devote more time to it than I do, given the interesting subject matter and the hardcore of enthusiasts who tend to post on a regular basis.

If you fancy a bit of dinosaur hunting, feel free to drop by...

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