Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I saw this set of rules on Ebay the other day so put in a tentative bid and ended up winning a copy this afternoon, although I think I paid over the odds as a result.


Nonetheless, they look like an interesting diverision into rotary winged low level aerial ground attack gaming, with lots of potential for some interesting modelling and painting. I used to play hours of Apache / Havoc in my erstwhile pre-offspring youth, so the thought of some helicoper v. helicopter combat has a certain nostalgic appeal.

My initial thoughts were to use them with the 1/600th choppers from Oddzial Ozmy and Tumbling Dice. I already have a box full of tiddly planes and choppers destined for my Alto Cenepa War Airwar:C21 project but, as there are no rules for helicopters in C21, I've been at a loss for how to go about gaming the conflict.

On the other hand, I quite like the idea of scaling up to 1/144th and using plastic kits for the helicopters and pre-painted AFV's from the likes of Takara as ground targets. This would have some visual appeal and allow me to get some games up and running for a minimal outlay and effort.

I'll see if the rules and any good before I decide if and/or when to give them a spin.


  1. There's no formal rules for helos in C21 (yet) but there have been some unofficial variants that have added them. Of course my personal filing system is so amazingly effective that I can't find them just now, but I can see if I can track them down if you'd like.

  2. That would be great!


    It's a bit difficult doing the AC war without helicopters :O)

  3. Hi Jim, I wrote these rules many, many, years ago and can't even remember how they play, I have a copy around somewhere. I wrote them for the guy at Navwar in Ilford and he paid me in lead!

    Nick Salmon