Saturday, 19 February 2011

Iron Cow Ramblings

I've been wondering what to do with my very cool 6mm Power Armour troops for a while and think I have come up with a possible solution.

In the British Combat Team that I bought from Brigade there are six Prometheus SPG's which I could convert to heavy APC's for the PA troops. This would allow me to field an optional Mech PA Infantry Platoon in place of the standard Mech infantry platoon in the generic regimantal orbat.

All I'd need to do would be leave off the gun barrel and fill or block off the aperture into which it fits. This would be a simple conversion job using greenstuff and/or plastic card. To replace the SPG artillery battery I can use the three Hydra salvo rocket launchers that were supplied in the army pack, so there would be no problem in terms of fire support.

I think this is a neat solution and would give the force an extra bit of punch for minimal effort.


  1. A neat conversion would be to add some railings for the PA troops to hold onto, remove the main gun and perhaps add a small turreted support weapon or light rocket/missile launcher. Love the idea - power armoured tank riders!

    I'm thinking about breaking out my long stored 6mm SF stuff at the moment too - it hasnt seen light of day for at least 6 years!

  2. I hadn't thought of :O)